Jiu Jitsu Lifestyle

Jiu Jitsu Lifestyle is huge in everything that you do, from your attitude towards life and others to the way you dress and carry yourself. At YR Team we promote a positive lifestyle that will show you how to enjoy the moment, stay calm under pressure, smile and laugh more and at the same time grab life by the horns.

Jiu Jitsu lifestyle is the perfect mixture of being relaxed and focused at the same time. It’s the perfect Ying and Yang. At YR Team we promote Hard Work, Focus, Determination, Discipline, Honor and Respect for yourself and others. At the same time, we promote Relaxing, Laughing, Spending time outdoors, Nature, Family Time, Surfing, Skate Boarding, Playing Sports, Yoga and Dogs we love dogs around here.

With this lifestyle we also promote Healthy Eating and putting good nutrition into our body. We love fresh foods such as fruits, Acai bowls, shakes, smoothies, HOME cooked meals, and the ccasional Pizza, Burger, Fries and Chips.

Last part of the Jiu Jitsu lifestyle is Human Connection, less technology and more hands on. Instead of text, call, instead of email write a hand-written letter, instead of facetime – real time, instead of a hand shake a hug.

Today we feel that more than ever people are missing the basics of Human touch and interactions.

The best things in life are simple and right in front of you.


Sensei Yaniv