Code of Conduct

  1. Use your training wisely. Martial art training is used to increase your physical, intellectual, emotional, and social skills. In any situation, martial arts should only be used as self-defense or in competition.
  2. Real Martial Artist are respectful to everyone they encounter inside and outside of the dojo.
  3. To become the best you can be, train regularly and work on improving one step at a time
  4. Maintain the highest positive attitude possible. The better you act, the better you will train, and the better you will become.
  5. Attend class regularly and avoid inconsistency. Make sure you practice good habits and work to become very organized.
  6. To master the posture of a martial artist, eliminate negativity by controlling your temper, avoiding bad habits, and understanding the concept of empathy.
  7. Practice being punctual at everything you do. This is the best way to earn the respect of others.
  8. Make safety a priority inside and outside of the dojo.
  9. Show respect to others by having good hygiene and not using profanity or negative comments.
  10. Avoid the temptation of teaching others outside of class.
  11. Always wear a clean, well-pressed uniform to class, No gum or food and remove all jewelry.
  12. Set goals and work hard until they are achieved.
  13. Please do not practice anything not formerly taught by an instructor.
  14. Let an instructor know immediately if you have an injury or feel ill.
  15. Accept criticism as a way to help you improve your abilities.
  16. Bow when entering or leaving the mat of the dojo; it is a sign of respect
  17. Adhere to the Senior / Junior relationship at all times.
  18. No shoes on the mat.
  19. If you arrive late sit quietly on the mat until instructor grants permission to join class.
  20. Never correct a senior student. (this goes for all grades, for example, a white belt should not advise a blue belt on technique. If you have issue with something that is going on, speak to a Instructor privately)
  21. Carry out the directives of the instructor promptly. Do not keep the rest of the class waiting for you.
  22. No personal issues into Dojo.
  23. Do not overly correct your partner in class. We learn best through experience, not words.
  24. No rough-housing or needless contest
  25. If you see something dirty or something that needs attention, clean it or notify a senior.
  26. When you are given directions or an order always sound-off loudly with Osu or Yes Sir.
  27. If you are called upon in class to come to the front of the dojo and assist Sensei do it quickly and with honor.
  28. Bring a towel to class.
  29. All Equipment and gear should be cleaned and put back to proper place.
  30. All belongings should be placed in a cubby located in a locker room.
  31. Must wear shoes off the mat.
  32. Never call out a higher level student or an instructor or Sensei to fight, wait till they call you.
  33. If a Student shows up late to class without a Valid Excuse he or she will do 5 pushups for every min student is late. Make sure to stay off the Mats until Sensei or Coach lets you in.
  34. No leg or Foot locks until Brown Belt. Only straight Foot locks for White Belts and above.
  35. No Neck cranks, No Slams, Eye Gouge, Groin Shots, Scratching, Biting, Cursing, and Screaming.
  36. Make sure to keep Nails and Toe Nails fully trimmed and cleaned.
  37. All Students must come to Every Graduation to support their fellow Team Mates.